Wednesday, April 25th

@ via Paolo Sarpi, Udine

Hobonight Special FEFF Edition

No excuses: Wednesday aperitif is untouchable. Especially if it takes place at Madrid, QB and Ars Bibendi, chosen venues that form the latest corner where you can meet, flirt and tickle your palate during the tastiest hour of the day. FEFF 14 – styled Wednesday is ready to make your dreams come true. QB’s kiosk is where RENREN Social Eastern Happy Hour goes on. From 7.00 pm, aperitif with buffet and DJ set by Bimbo Xiexie Mix. At Ars Bibendi gluttons will have the chance to taste Ribolla GIALLA Brut from Canus winery and experiment with different food combinations.
At Madrid, from 9.00 p.m., shots are absolutely yellow. And to season it all, walking music by Blackout Far East BQ Ram, from 7.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. at Ars Bibendi, inside Madrid and along the way. No excuses: tonight it’s Hobonight time!